A triple threat. Spoken word poetry, music and acting are all embedded in the DNA of Kyprios.  After winning a slam in NYC’s sacred Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, Kyp started his own poetry night in Vancouver and began to generate a buzz around his lyricism.  Shortly thereafter the music industry came calling.  Pledging to push boundaries of sampled hip hop by utilizing live musicians, Kyp is identified by a fleshed out, full-bodied musical style.  The industry took notice through a variety of affirmations: 2 solo Juno nominations, 2 Juno nominations from his time with Sweatshop Union, a Gemini nomination, a WCMA nom for ‘The Lap Dog EP’ plus a Jessie and a Betty win from writing music for the theatre in both BC and Calgary for Crank’d and Ash Rizin’.

His independent release propelled him into a radio competition for one hundred thousand dollars in Vancouver, called the Peak Performance Project. Against the odds, he eventually went on to claim the title and this prestigious honour. After winning the PPP, he has released an EP The Lap Dog and an LP titled  The Midnight Sun.

Kyp continues to tour and was recently back in the USA headlining with his group The Chaperones.  His live show is unparalleled and is often heralded as one of the greats to catch for his energetic stage presence.  He has made numerous appearances in television and film and has done voice work for Michael Jordan’s website, Tempurpedic, Vancouver Canucks, Southern Comfort, Miller, and Capital One.  He has worked with Mark Brand to shoot a video for his song ‘We Get Right’ and is very honoured to participate in Save On Radio with his show The Push