Fond of checking shit out (perhaps overly fond), Heather Watson’s enthusiastic dilettantism is your gain. Known to friends as “Hez,” she began in radio as a child, recording commercials for her mother’s PR agency at the tender age of eight. With an English degree from UBC and oodles of travel and unique experiences – from hand modelling to motion capture in video games to teaching in Japan to karaoke hosting – she’s carved her name (and some rude words) into several spots in alternative and mainstream media circles as a writer and editor over the last twenty years. Thrilled to be back on the air and on the entertainment beat, she’s producing and hosting the show “Leisure Crews,” exploring both fresh and forgotten hobbies, appeasing the party gods and dispelling the myths of No Fun City for curious listeners from all walks of life. You can contact Heather c/o leisurecrews@gmail.com and follow Leisure Crews on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit.